About Us

Care is everything we do and everything we are. During the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been significant media attention on care home staff and how hard we all work. There is no hiding from the fact that working in care can be challenging, but it is so, so rewarding. We are proud to be hard workers and to make a difference in our careers.

The structure at Avery is unique to other care settings. There is no big hierarchy or difficulties in speaking to management. You will find Avery’s leaders in the homes at the forefront of care, and fully accessible at all times. Not one person is more important than the next because excellent care can only be achieved by teams joining together with a shared vision and attitude.

Rewarding You

When was the last time you received genuine appreciation for a job well done? Sometimes a simple thank you can have a big impact on a person, so can time, financial reward and recognition. We have belief in our people and help to mould the careers of those that want to progress.

We all have our own motivations and put values on rewards in different ways. We know a care superhero when we see one and we also know a quiet, hard-working individual who consistently works behind the scenes. Your efforts are valued.

Every Type of Person

People who care about others and want to make a difference please apply. There is no ‘type’ of staff in our homes, just like there is no ‘type’ of resident. Our huge One Family is made up of life and personality.

Part of the Community

All Avery homes focus on being an integral part of the local community. Many residents and most staff are local to the home and we like to think we make great neighbours to all, and contribute in many ways. We are lucky to have lots of space, and local groups often use our homes’ communal areas. We love getting involved with intergenerational school projects, and we work hard to benefit suppliers in the community by purchasing local goods and services wherever possible.

As a Group we participate in 3 large-scale fundraising projects a year, for Macmillan Cancer Support, Dementia Awareness and The Care Workers’ Charity of which Avery is a Gold Sponsor. The homes also get involved in causes local to them too, whether that involves head shaving for a hospice, sponsored walks for a group or raising funds to make an individual’s dream come true; there is always something meaningful going on in Avery care homes.

Our Ambition

Avery is owner-managed by founding directors John Strowbridge and Ian Matthews. Both John and Ian are still very much active in the business alongside their management team and the teams in the care homes. We know we have an excellent business model, reputation and the ability to provide the kind of care that makes a difference. We have strong financial backing and attract the right staff to work in our homes too. Together this adds up to an ambition to continue building new, bespoke Avery homes with several in-build during the next few years. If you join the Avery One Family you will be sure to be part of a company that will offer you plenty of opportunities and reward.